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We offer new items of our production!

The remarkable wooden chair Venera.

  • All elements of the chair were made from ash
  • The chair coatings are covered with layers of paint and lacquer
  • The soft part was stuffed with polyester foam and luxious fabric

We invite you to get acquainted with our production at the Salon, you can also browse our catalog of chairs and tables.

We would like to draw your attention on what’s new in our Company!

It is the new trim furniture for the nursery "Anastasia".

  • The furniture is made from natural and high-quality wood.
  • The coating of the furniture is made of layers of paint and lacquer.
  • The Australian brand GRASS is used to produce furniture.
The company also sells a furniture set for the bedroom called "Anastasia". Each element of this set can be sold separately.

We are waiting for you with great pleasure at the Salon, at the address given above.


Addressed to the citizens of Chisinau and the Republic of Moldova, the company ARAMA SRL has opened its doors to the new furniture show, with an area of over 1500m2.

Currently, ARAMA SRL Company produces trim and stuffed furniture for home or office, from the more simple to the more luxurious. With a constantly changing range and which approaches perfection, the company offers consumers furniture for the hall, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living room; but also tables, chests of computers for toilets, tables for TV, cabinets, and all cloth, leather or artificial stuffed furniture.

At the same time, the company deals with the production and the setting up on request (glass cases, counters, tables and cabinets for offices).

There are some additional services for clients: delivery, putting together, and the visit of an designer. Moreover, before the purchase of furniture, different ways of payments are proposed: cash, by contract, bank trasfert, credit and advance payment.

The Salon is thrilled to welcome you at: Kolumna Street 170 (TRACOM territory), in Chisinau. Location plan.

Each costumer will receive a professionnal help for his selected furniture. Colleagues will take into consideration the wishes and needs of each buyer.