If the design of a room or an apartment, a question arose about the practicality and convenience in the first place, the most win-win option in the fulfillment of these criteria is to use the wardrobe.

Wardrobes exist not so long in the furniture market, but it has already established itself with the good side. Wardrobes are primarily compact and spaciousness.

The main advantage of wardrobes, it is of course their sliding mechanism, which is already liked by owners of narrow corridors, numerous piers or angles in an apartment or house. Moreover, even those who have not encountered this problem, and their houses allow to set the furniture larger sizes and sometimes choose exactly wardrobes, simply because of their modern and aesthetic look. In any space, you can make wardrobes to order, according to the most sophisticated fantasies.

«ARAMA R» company offers a huge selection of materials of which will be made wardrobes. Depending upon the size, configuration and quality level materials will vary and the final price of the products.

Inexpensive options-in wardrobes can be made to order from more affordable stoves wood-base materials. More expensive and exclusive options will be made of luxury fittings and solid wood, while will be decorated with stained glass, mirrors and light bulbs, etc.

Company «ARAMA R» gives you the opportunity to order closets in Chisinau at very affordable prices, depending on your needs. This can be both built-in cabinets and housing.

Built-in wardrobes suitable for people with problem areas in an apartment or with narrow corridors. The specificity of this type-in closets in the fact that they are mainly made of rear and side walls. The design of this type provides a rigid attachment at the place of installation: the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

The main advantage ordering a built-in closet that it can be placed in any awkward areas. It may be attic niche openings extending overlap on the ceilings. When ordering wardrobe in such areas tend to choose models with mirrors, thus visually expands the space. People also choose the model often backlit or decorated with a different colors glass.

The principal difference of the body closet: in a complete and some features of the installation. In complete of this type of cabinets includes cap, base and side walls. From conventional cabinets they are distinguished by the door coupe-type, opening and closing, in the same plane.

If the room allows where the closet, in the box can be included as well and mezzanine, bezel and decorative cornices.

The specifics of these cabinets is that when planning the interior, you can individually consider the place for any kind of clothing, depending on your preference. The equipment of your wardrobe in these cases there is a modular fashion.

Our company gives you the opportunity to build and think about your wardrobe considering the most sophisticated desires and fantasies. Can be fitted wardrobe space: wardrobe hangers in one, or even two stories; shelves for clothes from frame designs (which can pick up and for shoes or hats); mobile baskets (rotating or retractable).

An important advantage of these modules is that if you wish, you can change their position within the structure. This can be achieved by moving baskets, shelves or brackets to any place desired.

Ordering a closet in the «ARAMA R» company, you have the opportunity to completely subjugate your space.