Living Room Furniture

The furniture in the living room has a special meaning. Living most typical apartments Moldova, today is a set or "wall", "hills", shelving units, cabinets and all kinds of attachments. In general, living room furniture - a modular furniture in classic style with the location in the center of the complex a large plasma TV. Many people would agree that with modular furniture in the living room is much more convenient than home furnishings from the disparate parts. Living "wall", of course, not the only option for the interior, most importantly, so choose furniture for the living room, so you can select all the functional areas of the room. This applies not only places of recreation.

The living room is usually for the whole family and guests, and everyone here just needs to find a "place in the sun", and children and adults. Therefore, an additional sitting area separated by various pieces of furniture and decor. At least, in the design of the living room you will need two main areas - recreation (with emphasis, from sofas, armchairs, ottomans, "slides", bookshelves) and dining (the table where must be a greater number of people than in the kitchen). We can say that this is a classic and the best option for creating a cozy living room in a typical apartment.

The spatial separation of the room into a recreation area and a dining area for gatherings, it is important to follow the principles of ergonomics and harmony by combining pieces of furniture.

It is difficult to imagine a recreational area in the living room without the presence of upholstered furniture. On shades, size and type of such furniture is simple enough to pick up. By the way, you can use the advice of designers and inspired by the network. And because the "wall" for most of us associate it with a living room, it is worth to consider this item in the first place. Often it is the living define the direction of design ideas with the design of the apartment. With regard to the table for the dining area, it will have to be based on specific parameters and floor space. Often come to the rescue folding modules, Extension dining tables. If conditions allow, for example, living room opens onto a balcony, you can organize here a dining area or a place for children to play.

Cupboards, cabinets, showcases, bars - can be placed in the living rooms of country houses. A recreation area in a living room can be placed and part of the library. In any case, in the design of your own living room host based on available data. And if you want even a modest closet can be turned into a nice little living room.

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Traditional most living environments - a furniture "wall". Living room, decorated with "wall" looks like one piece, compact, and most importantly cozy.

Living initially assumed as a guest room. In any guests house have a special place of honour.