Feature of kitchen furniture is that it is a ready-made set or kit, consisting of a variety of individual items and elements without which the kitchen cannot function. A large number of modular items, disparate parts implies a larger area. Kitchen furniture must be suitable in all parameters. But the reality is otherwise. We have to literally squeeze into the room kitchen, but only with regard to the principles of ergonomics and harmony.

Any kitchen furniture looks out of place, if it is not a special kitchen set custom. When choosing kitchen furniture you should proceed from the premise parameters – square, configuration. Itself kitchen set is selected on the basis of price and quality, technology, the use of high-quality durable materials and accessories. In this case, the kitchen should be beautiful, comfortable, stylish and practical.

Do not assume kitchen furniture mere trifle!

So, what to look for when choosing directly a new kitchen? First of all, who produces and suggests. Today there are many new companies selling kitchen furniture from many famous brands. However, it does not mean that the brand will be advertised on a large scale to produce high quality goods - in fact, everything is much worse.

We advise you to pay attention to the domestic product which is produced Moldavian leaders of the furniture market, including company «ARAMA R», which office and salons are located in Chisinau.

In any case, our or foreign models should look before you execute goods. In addition, today there is a possibility to choose furniture in both ways – a real and virtual one. The site of «ARAMA R» presented with a lot of interesting proposals. Buying furniture for the kitchen today is not difficult.

The quality of materials used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture must face certain criteria. Housing kitchen furniture can be made from specially treated chipboard. It is made from the individual modules. In addition, there is a special classification of materials for the producing of kitchen furniture.

The most important part for the kitchen is countertop. This element must be water-resistant and durable, so countertop made from specially impregnated layers. Main load falls on the outer surface of kitchen furniture, so countertop must endure the pressure, liquid spills, should be protected from possible small damages. This can also be attributed to the facades of the kitchen as a whole. By the way, quality of the furniture plays an important role. The functionality of the kitchen is determined by its quality and respect for the furniture.


Interior kitchen is created from furniture, appliances and creative ideas. The rest accessorize. Kitchen furniture has a special purpose,

Originality to any interior gives a beautiful well-groomed furniture. Each room should be felt professional approach to design.