Modern types of furniture, modular or as individual pieces of furniture can be reconciled by Design and style of the room. And even if today prefers ultra-modern furniture, special attention should be paid to such element of the interior, as a chest of drawers. Despite the fact that there associations about this furniture with antique home furnishings or classic interior, the presence of the chest can be seen in many modern luxury apartments.

What is the attraction of such an archaic piece of furniture?

First of all, with its functionality and versatility. Some designers celebrate the return of the chest in the interior, as a fashion statement. Today, many people seek to recreate the life of a respectable family of the last century. Of course, modern chests of drawers differ in design and materials. But in general, the simple form of the chest causes host and his guests to have just the warmest feelings. We can say, chest of drawers, as one of the main elements of most of the interiors, always demanded and comfortable.

Stylish Chisinau or "Chest in the interior"

Modern furniture stylization for chest of drawers has a different performance technique. There are options for drawers, stylized «as a dower chest," there are chests as usual cabinets with drawers. Chest is used for the same needs as an old time ago - to storage lower and bed linen, towels, warm blankets, various household small items. In general, the versatility of the chest is determined by the owner.

Storing the contents and cleaning things in the chest is not difficult. Personal items can be hidden in a chest of drawers in seconds. Ease of using the chest is in the fact that its upper surface can be adapted as a countertop or additional space for decorative objects. Chest is much smaller than a traditional wardrobe.

Chest is conveniently located in the room, as it does not take up a space. Especially honorable place for the chest - a bedroom or nursery. In the nursery can be placed a small chest of drawers for the beginning, to teach a child how to order all things. In the bedroom for adults chest acquire the status of the main element of the interior, especially if you consider its design.

By color and form feature the «ARAMA R» company can pick up chests for every taste. You can also buy a low cost options of this piece of furniture. For people who likes antiques we can advise luxury classic model of drawers.