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Furniture, made to order, miraculously transforms all the surrounding space. The service is custom-made furniture - a ready solution to the problem on the arrangement of the room. The most popular is case furniture to order. The range of finished products largest domestic furniture manufacturers «ARAMA R» pleases diversity. Buyers pay attention to quality, modern furniture in the form of prefabricated buildings, installation of which is made quickly and on the spot. Interior room with furniture to order, you can change, update. The possibility to update the interior will need only a small additional detail in the form of an attached tables, but in general even this element significantly changes the interior. Furniture made on individual design project in Chisinau, can be discreet, stylish, bright, restrained, classic or cutting-edge.

How should look the furniture made to order?

All the nuances of making furniture are specified under negotiation. As a result, the range of many manufacturers of custom-made furniture is becoming more diverse, that satisfies the demand for furniture at the most demanding customers. Custom furniture can easily be included in the interior of the room. All items of furniture are made in such way, that they are easy to combine.

In general, it is important to remember that when applying to a professional company do not have to deal with fitting the furniture on the floor area. Individual furniture «ARAMA R» is made with all the complexities and characteristics of your room. Special attention to customers while discussing the manufacture of furniture for individual orders paid to its functionality.

Custom-made furniture should be comfortable to use, made of high quality eco-friendly materials, stylish and aesthetic. All issues related to the design and fittings are discussed at the design stage. Professionally produced according to certain parameters furniture has a long warranty. The price includes the cost of furniture transportation and work on assembling your furniture in place. Ordering furniture at the «ARAMA R» company, you will be provided with comprehensive information on the technology of manufacturing of furniture, using materials and accessories. By the way, most of this information is presented to your attention on our site. When ordering of furniture together with the client discusses its future design.

The interior, which features furniture, custom-made, looks harmonious and holistic. For furniture, made-to-order, is always a special attitude.