Office furniture

Office furniture features a set of qualitative characteristics, relating to the functionality of this furniture category. You won’t set usual furniture in the office, the dress code is required for the office interior. But don’t think that the office furniture is boring and monotonous. While you choose the office furniture, you can proceed from its classification. It’s proved for a long time, that the productivity of the work is largely influenced by the surroundings. Furniture in the office should not distract, but should not be depressing kind. However, some differences in the furniture design of neighboring offices are welcomed. In general, the office furniture is separated in a different group of the furniture classification.

Why do we need the office furniture?

This kind of furniture is used for workplaces and storerooms, waiting rooms and cabinets. The office furniture is intended for an ordinary employees of the company. The working atmosphere in the office implies the existence of a big number of comfortable indoor workplaces: tables with drawers, racks, shelves, filing cabinets, cabinets for stationery. The list goes on. Office furniture should be functional, comfortable, stylish and reliable.

The office furniture design is mainly characterized by strict contours - a mix of minimalism and elegance. Usual office furniture is made of durable materials - metal, wood, resistant plastic. Carcasses are usually made of metal. Employees should feel comfortable sitting on such furniture within all working day.

Directors' waiting rooms are decided to furnish with pretentious furniture of more democratic style. Such furniture is distinguished by the shape, style and size. Additionally, the room can contain tables and sofas for visitors. The furniture in storerooms looks simple, but it’s imposed with demands about the quality and strength of materials.

Today the office furniture is divided into two kinds: for management and for the rest of the staff. In the directors’ offices of many companies we can see stylish, expensive furniture. The higher position, the more solid furniture. Usually, this furniture is made of expensive breeds with the original furnish or furniture, made to order. In this case, the furniture is designed to emphasize the status of director. For employees of the usual office furniture simply corresponds to the specifics of the work. And as workdays of almost all employees pass on the computer, we should pay attention to the selection of high-quality and functional computer desks for staff.

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Office furniture should be selected according to such criteria as excellent workmanship in general and simple design. Office furniture, as

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