Business furniture

There are many ready-developed theories about what should be the furniture business. However, with all this, entrepreneurs Moldova forget one important marketing feature - namely, window dressing, as well as exhibition stands. In order to design shops, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, banks or hotels were at the highest level as well as to attract the attention of potential buyers need to consider not only the well-furniture business and related accessories that perfectly complement the interior and give it the desired color.

The main criterias which adheres to a furniture factory in Chisinau "ARAMA R" are:

  • Beautiful and harmonious design
  • Conciseness details
  • High quality
  • Availability
  • Ergonomics
  • Individual approach
  • And the experience researched for years, which allows to make furniture for all types of business, without losing the style and quality.

We guarantee that every piece of furniture purchased from our company, meets the quality standards and the most modern design and technical ideas. Our custom-made furniture is a unique product that will increase your sales and distinguish you in the crowd of competitors. Our esteemed clients includes such services for the production of furniture to order, namely: office furniture, furniture for commercial premises, hotel furniture, furniture pharmacies, furniture for hospitals and laboratories, reception desk (reception), furniture for schools and kindergartens, furniture for restaurants, bars and cafes, and more.

In Moldova, it is assumed that the furniture business is usually much more expensive than the usual custom-made furniture for home or office. However, we hasten to disprove this stereotype. Turning to our company you will realize that our furniture prices are the lowest in the city, and it's a given that at such prices in any case will not suffer the quality of manufactured goods.

In the niche furniture manufacturing business in Chisinau, and on the whole territory of Moldova, we have no equal, because the high quality products, unique design, functionality and first-class workmanship, always surprise and delight customers, and they, in turn, treated again with pleasure.

We cooperate with the most famous brands and trade exhibition centers of the country, which means that we have shown competence and fell short lead times, which is very important for business.

Individual approach to each client individually does not interfere with the production process, we are able to handle any volume of production, and, if necessary, to fulfill an order in the terms stated by the customer.

We like to make non-standard models of furniture business and commercial equipment on order. Contact - share with us your ideas, and we in turn are ready to embody them with the most daring and creative design solutions.



Office furniture should be selected according to such criteria as excellent workmanship in general and simple design. Office furniture, as

To create a productive and inspiring work environment, «Arama» company prepared especially for you